(VA) – Dr. M. Renee Jespersen M.D.

Dr. Jespersen has been in practice in Northern Virginia since April of 2013.  She previously practiced in Philadelphia, and completed her training in 2010.  After a plastic surgery residency at Temple University Hospital, she completed additional specialty training in Breast and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery at Georgetown University Hospital.  She currently specializes in all areas of breast plastic surgery (cosmetic and reconstructive) as well as facial and body aesthetic surgery.

“I specialize in helping people be  comfortable and confident”

Whether it’s  putting patients at ease with her approachable demeanor, helping them understand surgical and non-surgical options, reassuring them through a reconstructive process, or helping achieve a cosmetic result that increases confidence and boosts body image, comfortable and confident is always her goal.

Dr. Jespersen has additional fellowship training in pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery.  She completed her fellowship training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and subsequently served on the plastic surgery faculty of the University of Pennsylvania and practiced at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

She relocated to the McLean, Virginia area in 2013 and has brought her considerable pediatric experience and love of children to this area.  Dr Jespersen and her team have experience in treating all kinds of pediatric plastic and reconstructive issues ranging from congenital deformities to the lumps and bumps of childhood.  No matter how seemingly complex or simple, each child’s problem is of paramount importance to his or her family and deserves the best in attention, compassion, and expertise.